I have really begun exploring this new serene area I am calling home in Fort Mill. With peach tree orchards left and right, quaint shops and Charleston style restaurants..I am in heaven! My little condo is nothing grand, but suits me well with it's never ending charm and old fixtures. My mornings now follow this routine: waking up with cool breeze flowing through the bay windows, pouring a cup of brewed coffee, reading my devotional on the patio and having deep prayer with my one and only Father. Mornings are my absolute favorite time. I am thankful for this mid-twenty stage of life... even though it sure has had it's fair share of grief and frustration. I have learned to appreciate life's little moments. I have found a level of contentment in where I am in my life. I really have it everything I need when it all boils down..something to remind myself daily. I have food on my table, choices I can make, freedom to run wherever my heart desires, shelter each day and night, a family (my army), friends with guidance and big hearts, clothes to keep me warm (beautiful clothes for which many do not) AND now..I have been blessed with a lovely neighborhood filled with generous people from all realms of life and a charming condo to call home. Do you ever stop and think of all these little blessings you may have as well..blessings which enable a fruitful life? When you do stop and think, it truly is hard to complain, it truly is hard to want more. 

     In this new area, I am calling home, I have stumbled upon an undeniable bakery with an aura of homemade goodness called ..Cupcrazed! The best part of this cakery are their delectable cupcakes (clearly by the name). These are not your average cupcakes..they actually taste rich and are freshly homemade. I typically have a hard time finishing one by myself because of how filling they are! Cupcrazed offers gluten-free cupcakes alonside which is why I can't wait to take my dear mom who has a gluten-free diet. The decor/theme featured is very whimsical making it a prime spot to take little ones or just the gals! Due to it's extremely close location in Baxter Village, I go whenever it has been a bad, good, amazing, horrible, sad day for the best mood enhance ever. I brought one home the other day and enjoyed it outside while reading a new book (courtesy of my dear aunt Donna). Couldnt resist a few photos as well because not only are these cupcakes tasty they look sensational..really..i am not sure how something can both look and taste just this good. If you enjoy SAS these might be twice as amazing...stop by if your nearby! 

Always enjoy the little things..