Aztec & Fringe

     Don't get me wrong, I love spending a long afternoon shopping at my favorite boutiques..however, I am not loving the price tags on most everything I stumble upon. Sales are big for me and clothing that is just priced right. I am not searching for cheap clothes, but find it silly spending $34 or $44 on a top that is the exact same (and same brand) as one at Marshalls for HALF the cost. Even working in boutiques has given me such insight into how clothes are priced and how most items simply are not worth that amount. For instance, I spotted this adorable purse in a boutique in South Charlotte for $54.99..I had a gut feeling it was going to be expensive.. so it was no shocker when I saw the tag and I kept browsing. I then made a trip to Ross (yes Ross) a few days later and found the exact same black and white aztec bag for a whopping $18.99. I had to look at the price tag a couple times to make sure I was reading it correctly but sure truly was about 1/3 the cost as the exact same bag found in the boutique. I really think boutique/specialty shops/high end stores need to only be for days you need a pick-me-up or its a day out with the gals or you need a last minute snatch (like a dress for a function). It now seems so silly to buy a top (overpriced) just because you find it at your favorite little boutique. I know it is hard to restrain but browsing doesn't hurt! I am all for quality.. and when it's the same piece for LESS..I jump on it. 

     Don't be afraid or feel "un-cool" to shop at places like ROSS and Marshalls just because they are not some fancy boutique with a cliche name..honestly nobody really cares where you get your wardrobe and is not about the label or's about style! I am pumped having an extra 20 bucks here and there because I didn't opt for the overpriced boutique clothes. Stay true to yourself and don't let looking good cost a fortune...because it doesn't have to. Here is the bag I scored for barely anything and can't wait for it to travel with me all over this Summer! I also stocked up on a beach cover-up & some breezy tops for a total of $40 (heck yes).