Parker Horton

    I watched the littlest Horton family member the other day, and couldn't help but take a few pictures with his mama's camera! This family is just the epitome of sweet and classy wrapped in one. I have truly developed a love and bond with their boys ever since Cooper (now almost 2) was just a few months old. His mama loves pictures (as do I) and always tells me to snag a few of his itty brother Parker (if he is in good spirits and Coop is busy or sleeping). I used to get on my sister for not getting enough photos of her family.. but I honestly see how hard it can be to get some memorable photos when you have a wild toddler on your hands and a busy life (props to all the mamas/caregivers out there!). Therefore, when she took Cooper for a monthly checkup, Parker and I had some one on one time to get cheesy little monthly photos. These are not the most clear pics, but I will say I was using a different camera than I am used to! I still find them pretty darn cute and keepsakes. Happy Tuesday loves! XO