Get Fruity

"Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account."

Anne Wilson Schaef

   As warm weather is in full bloom, I am taking advantage of all the ripe seasonal fruit out there. Living in Fort Mill has allowed me to have access to some of the most delicious peaches and strawberries ever ..BUT.. I am trying to get into using other fruits more regularly like Kiwi for example. Kiwi can boost your immunity, rid the body of toxins, help manage blood pressure, helps fight heart disease and oh yes is PERFECT for your skin! I had no idea how one fruit could be so powerful but it shouldn't be a surprise (I just have lacked on the "research fruit benefits" department). I also am continuing with making parfaits regularly.. and mostly smoothies now that June is here! I add a scoop of greek yogurt, cup of orange juice, fruit of choice and some ice for a little texture. Add a colorful straw and your good to go! Hope your getting fruity this season as am I!