3 Things

  So it has for sure been a long time since I have dusted off the laptop for some blogging but here is a sum of some of the fun taking place lately in my life. Yes there are chaotic moments (as always) but here are a few (cheerful) highlights.

1. Brody is now a big 2 year old! I feel horrible I didn't make a huge celebration like last year...however he did receive some tasty treats and of course lots of snuggling. Not much has changed except he no longer needs a leash for short walks!! This is huge because most yorkies would take off after a bird or what-not, but this fella listens promptly and acts accordingly to mama's commands. He is needy with the belly rubbing and attention but I blame my new long schedule for that. Always doing the best I can and thankful for his ever present grace! Here is the most recent pic of my little man. 

2. My niece and nephew (Aven & Asher) have gotten so big and cute is it a bit ridiculous ( in a good way of course). I got to visit them for a bit last weekend and oh the joy they both have! Aven is such a little diva and loved me cuddling her and Asher was on the move rolling left and right. He is going to keep them on their toes I suspect..hehe! Here is a couple photos I snagged of the two. 

3. Our good friends (Blake & Steph) got engaged and I just can't help but share her gorgeous ring. These two are going to go far in life and I love the special bond they share. Hilarious, outgoing,generous and always positive. I sure do love them! Here are some pics!