3 Things!

1. Pretty certain everyone is in the Fall spirit (currently) and one thing I have not been able to shake is cinnamon chip bread from Harvest Bread Company alongside gold utensils and this sweet little recipe book I snagged in the dollar bins at Target. Fall is truly comforting which is why I have always found it a favorite for myself but I am starting to see that with many families via social media. Its a time where we can slow down and have all the feels (brisk air, mulled cider scents, cuddles inside, walks in the leaves) and who can deny that!? When we slow down we appreciate more thus giving us a better mood and perspective on our lives. Its a fundamental we really should all carry out more-so each and every day. 

2. Family is something so incredibly important to cherish, nurture and love. Maybe it takes loosing family members to realize how precious they are in our lives? Im not exactly sure, but I do know that these sweet nieces my sister and her hubby made have been magical in my life. They have kept me on my toes, given me laughter with a side of joy and truly inspire me to live life to the absolute fullest. As Virginia Satir put it....."Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family."Here a few photos I snapped after we worshipped at church Sunday. These two are so sweet with each other it makes my auntie heart want to explode!

3. We went to WIndy Hill Orchard with our pals Shonna and Evan. Tatum and Evan loved to see the doggy they had there and got lots of apple goodies. With the weather being undeniable and resting right in the middle of 70 and 75 degrees, we are doing our best to get outside each day. We do a bunch of pointing at objects and trying to say what they are (hopefully nobody finds us being rude...but who could with that sweet little finger and grin). My favorite was probably the apple doughnuts and dried apple slices. Next year we will be sure to visit the orchard while apples are actually still in season...but enjoyed getting fresh air and site seeing. We also passed a huge sunflower field filled with gorgeous blooms for about a mile. I'm plotting on going back before they're gone! If you are planning on going with littles I recommend bringing a light jacket, snacks, juice and camera! 

Windy Hill Orchard--1860 Black Hwy, York, SC 29745