Hump Day!....A typical Wednesday routine for us!

So here I am, finally getting a chance to sit and have a few minutes to myself while Tatum takes a nap (only time I am able to blog/write unless I decide to muster up energy before bed).  Although Fall helps us slow down, really embracing it's warm hued foliage and crisp autumn air, it tend s to also keep our days a hustle and bustle. October seems so short (in my opinion)...I mean Target already has Christmas decor if we are going to throw away Thankgsiving. Then again, our society tends to grasp future-forward thinking, rather than just pausing and acknowledging the precious time ..the space...the season we are in. Tatum and I have been making our ways to many different parks, apple orchards, farms, flower name it we've probably been! We started off the morning exploring the Blossom Shop (off Providence) and found our selves exploring little nooks and finding chairs to climb/ twigs to gather/ sites to see..etc. She is not much of a homebody (sadly) so we make it a morning ritual to load up and discover a new adventure each morning. Once we've made it home I usually began preparing her some lunch while she plays/reads and has a mini snack. We do lunch a little different since Tatum cannot quite eat everything solid just yet (working on getting a few more teeth in). SO I whip her up pasta/chicken/broccoli bites/pizza/green beans. Foods that I can easily chop and serve without too much of a mess. We did try spaghetti and that seemed to be more of an art project than anything else..note to self). While she eats lunch I typically clean the kitchen and have a snack (guac and pita chips?..changes every day). Once she is finished, we head upstairs for a cat-bath and it might possible be her favorite part of the day. she gets elated when we do "splish-splash" really fast and in turn I am usually soaked and laughing hysterically as well (win win for us all). When bath time is over, I let her run around nakey for about 2 minutes....then get her all lotioned up for a nice long afternoon nap. We sing soothing songs as I dress her in comfy nappy clothes (t-shirt and cotton pants). Once hair is brushed we close blinds, turn on sound machine, grab a cozy blankie/paci/milk/story. I let her sip on her milk as we read and get all snuggly in the rocking chair. Once her eyes are closed I transfer her to her crib and she takes a good 2 hour nap. 

Now this process may seem forever long... but trust me it goes by in a blink of an eye. I get asked OFTEN at story times/lunch dates/play dates how I manage to conquer all of that before nap time (as some moms/dads choose to do those rituals more-so during the evening). Answer being, once you make it a daily habit and stick to it...WELLLLLLL it. just. works. Sure not every day goes accordingly, but for the most part we try and keep a fun/active routine enabling quality cuddles and down time alongside.

***This is completely off topic, but to other mothers/caretakers out there language and attitude are everything. Sure I am human but do I need to say every curse word known to man to sound somewhat more authentic or real? GUESS WHAT. NOPE! You actually sound much less intelligent when every sentence in your blog posts uses a word  such as "ass" "fuck" "shit".....I could go on, but I don't even enjoy typing disgusting words with no value. Sadly it seems to be gals a couple years older than me as well (who are parents)...think before we speak/type people! It will do a world of good for your little (s) to know their mamas didn't have sailor mouths day and night. Also it really ruins everyone's mood... #justsayin

***Nap time is also my time for lunch/blogging/cleaning and really getting the rest of the day lined up*** I always snag something at Harris Teeter and make a light salad (mostly cheese and tomatoes) to keep me energized and fresh from 3pm till wine time. 

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” 
Walt Whitman