4 Things!

1. Brody loves nothing more than to snuggle himself (paws in the air) into a pile of pillows. If he isn't sound asleep he is carefully watching anyhting and everything appearing outside windows. I often wonder what goes through a dogs head...like do they wish they could gooutside and explore all day?....Do they get tired just looking out the window (taking note of every squirrel climbing/crossing/jumping up the fences)? I really have no answer to this but something I enjoy watching. 

2. My step-dad might be one of the best chefs/cooks around. Not even biased, his food is from the soul and is curated with such a creative mind. I wish I could literally name half the meals he's prepared for us, however I rarely can even say them let alone type them. Maybe that's what sets his noteworthy cooking apart from others? He uses unique ingredients (most of which take going to a specific market to purchase) and he doesnt just throw it on a plate but rather creates a piece of art. I always enjoy eating when traveling home to see what new food Im going to get to try. Our family is also big into hunting...so ussually a slew of different meats are always on the menu! ****Google and try "Raclette" if you are wanting to try a swiss tradition my step sister introduced us to...you won't be dissapointed and makes for one fun supper club night!****

3. Toddlers loving leaves might be one little autumn treat for me. Tatum gets elated at pine cones, leaves...and...well...really anything she can toss in the air or pick up with her tiny hands. 14 months is a really fun/engaging age where we both are learning so much from each other. The greenway (across from Trader Joes off Rea road) is a favorite of ours for wondering and ridding energy before her nap time. Today there were a handful of dogs which made T's experience even more thrilling ...the child loves animals!

4. Sweaters (in my opinion) are up high on the "must-have-more-than-you-need" group of selected items. Oversized boyfriend cardigans, chunky cable knits, embelished...you name it I am sure Id love it unless it falls under the "tacky-grandma-like" list ...then it's a no go. I busted out a few of my favorites from last season and thrifted finds (can never go wrong with those). Something about a combo of a chunky sweater/ glass of rose/ and charcuterie board make one killer evening...am I right!?

*** ALSO, if your not wanting to break the bank and do need a few new seasonal sweaters, I recommend heading to Clothes Mentor in the Arbo! Mostly brand new and all under 12 bucks (deals on deals). The top sweater pictured below is from that glorious little gem of a consignment store...and oh yes $10 and vintage Jcrew (SOLD). ***