Space & Storage: A reading spot & a boutique with perfect storage goods!

When Tatum naps I do usually all of the following (now that her naps are one a day and last 2 hours straight..oh yess).

1. Clean/tidy Tatum's family home--Usually swiffer, laundry, dishes, counter tops, put toys where they belong, take out trash/recyclables, clean coffee pot, dust and get us ready for the end of the day. I really think most every mom (who has the ability/time) to tackle these simple quick chores. It makes our afternoons stress free and we feel refreshed with a tidy space.

2. Have ME time. Yes all of you sweet gals working corporate jobs this would be what I call my "hour" lunch break. Once simple housekeeping tasks are done I do a little something I enjoy until T wakes up. Sometimes it's blogging, photography,reading, binging on housewives, finally eating my own lunch...list could go on. This quite time I try to savor and really appreciate. I do feel like a mom to little miss Tatum. So when I am able to give myself some TLC, I am able to pour more into her and her adventures whether big or small. 

Each day is different (of course) but for the most part this seems to keep everyone sane and allows us all to have fresh surroundings. 

****Below are some photos I snapped at a local shop called "Gratefully Danielle." If you love anything boho/gold/trendy... I am not suggesting but rather telling you to heading right on over. Basically est Elm on crack and much more colorful yet still warm/cozy and full of tiny treasures from around the world. T loves sight seeing with all the different shapes in baskets/blankets/ceramics..etc. **** 

They are located in the Trader Joes shopping center (off Rea Rd.) and always have new stuff coming in!!