3 Things..... Fall yall & nanny life

1. My nanny friend across the street (Shonna) who watches van daily...decided it would be fun for us to venture to Hall family farm. This might possibly be the 3rd pumpkin patch Ive been to in the past month but hey bring em on! Seems to get everyones energy out and with Halloween (being one of the quickest holidays in my opinion) already here we have had to take full advantage of each day. Tatum and I have been painting water color pumpkins..decorating the walls with leaf garland, pumpkin cut outs...you name it we are crafting it! The other day we also did a handprint out of clay in the shape of a pumpkin..(yup never ends). I have a respect for mamas with littles around the ages between 2-5 when activities are probably a struggle to come up with left and right. I should have a degree in "creative solutions to boring days with littles." I might have rocked at that one! Any-who here are a few pics we snapped (Evan's mom came along for the trip too!)

2. Afternoon strolls throughout the neighborhood are a big deal around these parts (no joke). Tatum will now promptly go get her shoes (whichever ones she prefers) and bring them to me almost demanding I put them on so we can depart. I typically am all in for this outing as well mostly because it always gives us fresh air, silence, moments of laughter and moments of thankfulness for the beauty surrounding. She loves the wagon and today we took the top off since its gloomy yet fairly warm! Oh early November you always keep me on my toes when it comes to weather. Lots of layering occurring over here! 


3. Not much to say about this except next year we will be bagging candy and only allotting a few pieces per bag. I had a group of maybe 15 trick or treaters fit their adorable selves (in all sorts of costumes..Elsa..star wars..monkey..dead person..ya know etc.) onto my tiny front porch grabbing handfuls of candy before I could even put a couple pieces in each bag (yeah not so cool) soooo ALAS bags it is next year! Although I did love seeing all the little kiddos and helped me reminiscence on my childhood trick or treating. Memories for the books and memories that will I will never forget. My childhood in one word was magical