Garden & Gather: Hunter Farms

It's Fall yall..meaning Tatum and I are getting out to just about every pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo they offer near us. One of my absolute favorites (besides Hall Family Farm) would be Hunter Farms! AS you pull in, pumpkins greet you along with husks of corn and cute scarecrows (basically everything festive for Fall). We were the only ones there after a school trip left right before us giving Tatum the place to herself with ample roaming spots. She is miss independent and I am learning (patiently) to let her explore and go as she pleases. If not we both end up generally unhappy and moods go sour in minutes (so explore all you want little independent 1 year old!). We decided to do theri little Fall package offering a hayride, pet feeding session and a pumpkin souvenir. Tatum was not so sure about the hay so she promptly sat on my lap after realizing it may not be her cup of tea. We road past cows and some other fields of corn (all of which the sweet farmer scooting us around pointed out). When we made it to the animals Tatum's face lit up as if Santa just appeared before her eyes. Her most favorite, being the goats, were probably the most gentle and low key out of all the animals too. The rooster kept her on her toes as he made it very well known he was present and the bunnies seemed to be a hit too. Being only 14 months she really doesn't grasp the concept of feeding them just yet (as most 1 year olds would not) so I would lean down to show her how. Never to young to try learning activities which may not be age appropriate quite yet because they could stem learning a concept earlier in life. We made our way back up to the pumpkin patch after feeding the animals and T picked out probably the most tiny pumpkin she could find (and hold in her itty bitty hands). The weather was perfect with a slight breeze allowing us to relax and stay for a bit wondering through the pumpkins without dying of heat. I would suggest this experience to most anyone with littles or caring for littles as it nurtures and allows the mind to unwind, appreciate our surroundings, and explore new places! The outdoors is nurturing to my mind and Tatum's so this makes a great spot to gather and even meet up with other mamas or gal pals and sip a pumpkin latte! 

Reccomendations on what to tote alongside your little:

- SNACKS! We bring plum brand teethers/ multi-grain cheerios/ fruit pouches and granola bars to have on hand. I typically thow it all in a ziploc bag and toss it in the diaper bag (done and done!).

- A light sweater has also taken the place of our sunhat in the diaper bag for breezy, crisp Fall days making their way towards us ...FINALLY!

- Close toed shoes....this is a given for farms or any outdoor field playing. We have steered clear from pesky bugs/ spiders/ bees...I mean the list can go on. Im all for letting kids play barefoot but a bee sting to the foot can really screw up what was meant to be an enjoyable afternoon/morning.

- Water bottles (for you and little)...don't let the "no heat wave" have you thinking you wont be parched come the middle of this experience and farm water is never something I like to mess with unless I know how it's handled. Grab a sippy cup and jug for yourself to avoid dehydration. T was happy she had hers on the hayride back to the pumpkin patch. 

-Lastly bring a positive/ patient / gentle mood with you when you go. Littles roaming a farm and trying to eat animal food and wondering into unsafe territory repetitively after you have said "NO!" requires a good mood. Think I am kidding but you will regret even going if your not feeling up to par!