Space & Storage: A Fall reading spot

Here I am with yet another series....I did mention I would be getting a bit deeper in these blog posts and I am glad to be sticking to it! I want to embrace another series where I can share with you my space and storage. I have moved more times to tell and have lived in big homes/apartments/old homes/"green" homes and the list may go on. I long for the season of mothering littles and having my forever home alongside Corey but for now we have been living selfishly in our twenties. This means lots of moves/traveling/loving just us (growing a deeper bond to each other daily) and I am really quite content with this for the time being. In the midst of these moves I have learned ways to organize better and utilize the space around me most effectively for a well balanced life. I like order and you probably will never find my home a mess because that sours up my mood and leaves me feeling disheveled. SO yes....i am one of those people that what you see is the real deal when it comes to my home. Sure it's no million dollar listing nor a shack on the beach nor a fancy home in an elite community. It's a tiny old 900 square foot rental property that Corey and I have grown fond of for the past year. It has one bedroom and one bathroom, a single hallway (if you even call it that), a kitchen which doubles as a laundry room, a tiny charming dining room, an office (probably should be a guest room? or sunroom?) and a large backyard. It is in a sweet transitioning neighborhood in southend Charlotte and offers a great city view. We havent done much on the renovation side because well we own it and who wants to invest money into something temporary (not for us). SO I am little by little changing things up inside (always)...making it a place of comfort...making it seasonal...making it home. A family friend got new chairs for her kitchen circular table and I purchased her previous 4 patterned upholstered chairs. They really have not found a proper spot yet so I maybe 1 in each room? They are so comfy for being just dining room chairs....and with an added throw, good book, and plush pillow... they are down right dreamy! Here is a peak at one of the chairs I have in our living room. It adds extra seating when we do our supper club nights or have extra guests over....and I also use it to enjoy a light read or have my morning cup of joe! Everyone needs a spot to sit and relax the mind and this is one way to do it. Thrifting is a good place to find a cozy chair without breaking the bank too!