Garden & Gather

Due to the seasons changing ever so quickly, I am realizing there is substantially less to talk about gardening and more to share in the realms of growth. This time of year I typically enjoy finding new ways to enhance my personal growth and the growth of my surroundings. Making the ordinary less ordinary while maintaining stability is what I'm striving for and hope for you as well. Therefore, I am going to change up this series just a bit and now refer to it as "Growth & Gather." To me, we are growing by helping, learning, even curating with one another. 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

-Anaïs Nin

She could have not said that more beautifully or efficiently. When will we decide to burst out of our comfort zones and jump into whatever it is our hearts desire. I won't lie when I say it somewhat bothers me to hear caretakers (moms, dads, nannies, grannys, etc.) complain about not getting out or having "me" time. Time is precious and needs to be integrated as a daily ritual. For me (as a nanny) Tatum typically enjoys independent play right after breakfast. She is calm, wants nothing to do with me, and like to just do "her" thing. SO I in turn do "my" thing. I blog, clean, figure out our afternoon plans, the list goes on. Growth is vital for everyone if only we seek it and utilize it when available. 

The other day I took to Amelies because I was in need of a pick-me-up after all this election nonsense. I am not afraid to share I am a republican and that's that. If we are an accepting nation of everyone's views then there should never be a problem however people got absurdly ugly via social media. ANYWHO, we made it to Amelies and I let Tatum enjoy a croissant while I read a little and had a latte myself. The restaurant is very stimulating and calming all at once (if that makes any sense?) She was mesmerized by the paintings and all the abstract decor surrounding us. It was a nice time to get out and get our minds off the television and media all together. She also looked scrumptious.... so I of course snapped a few pics as we enjoyed our gal date. Take time with your little and yourself for "me" time and allow growth in every aspect of your life!

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