Corey and I ventured to Winston-Salem (the town I grew up in) this past weekend for my Paw  Paw's 90th birthday! 

Let me preface this by saying my childhood was magical. There was no social fact you had to call your friend to sign on AOL so yall could "chat" via the internet HA! Those days crack me up but also give me bittersweet feelings. I miss being child if that even sounds right? I miss coming home from school and talking to my mom and dad about all the occurances (good or bad). I miss my dads vegetable soup (oh if only I cherished it even I miss it so). I miss my backyard where we would grow tomatoes, kick the soccer ball around, have easter egg hunts..etc. I miss everything about my childhood and would not go back and change one single second. Life was effortless in means of non-comparison, non-judging, little bickering, less foul mouth, less to WORRY about. I miss it. simple. as. that.

SO my sweet sweet aunt brought my sister and I some old photos she stumbled across from one of my great great aunts. Mostly of my dad, but man I got chills looking through each and every one. It is really hard to loose a parent. Not just the death itself but the memories, the unanswered questions, the wonders of why I am the way I am....I mean truthfully I have these thoughts daily. I do know my creative nature derives straight from him. It's evident via my paw paw and his own crafty works. Forever will photos have a deep meaning for me...maybe it's why I over share or blog. Either way it soothes my soul seeing memories. Below is a photos from when my mom and dad were married and the other is of my daddy and grand-mommy (who looks like me surprisingly). 

If you have time, craft together an album or frame some older photos (some without filters and props..ya know what I mean) and glance through them. It can really add a good bit of perspective when we think of the importance of love and life. 

"Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter."

Brad Henry