T ready for Spring!

It is always so fun being a nanny to a little from when they are newborns until around age 2 or so. Typically I nanny infants because naturally they are my specialty. Not that I cna't have a reat time playing with trucks in the sand and going on fun nature walks exploring the different leaves...but something about a baby just brings so much joy to my heart. It eases my soul if that makes sense? Sometimes after Tatum wakes up from her morning nap and is in super ham mode...we snag a couple photos for her family to enjoy (or just to sned a couple snaps to her sweet mama at work). Here she is below playing with her bear and book. Mostly chewing on the book while trying to open each page carefully with her little fingers. It never fails to amaze me the wonder that must go through these little minds as they explore the simple items around them. Can't say it was the best Tuesday for us but we sure didn't mind the amazing (60 degree) weather and not a place to go!