2 Things I'm Lovin

Both these products I've had my eye on for quite awhile, however don't typically spend money on luxurious perfume or even hand creme for that matter. It just so happened this Apothic hand cream came in one of my monthly subscription boxes and I've been an addict ever since. Being a nanny I am constantly changing diapers, washing bottles, doing laundry, wiping drool, leaning spills..etc. so needless to say hand creme (quality hand creme) is a bit essential! I truly recommend trying it out!

I mentioned (a handful of times) to my boyfriend how I have been dying to have this new perfume by Jimmy Choo but never expect to recieve it because lets be honest..it aint the cheapest! Well low and behold he surprised me with "Illicit" (the perfume name) for Valentin'es Day and I was about in tears. It smells very warm and almost has a fruity musk (if that makes any sense?). I adore it too and really it is worth the price point!