Vday Treat

Don't have a Valentine's Day outfit yet..no worries! The beauty of Vday is the fact your man should love you regardless of what you have on. I always like to bust out my pops of pinks, reds..well basically any warm hue clothes and get in the lovey dovey spirit. This dress is from Marshalls and was a steal (you know I am a sucker for deals!) and it works great dressed up or down. The only downfall I will say..it's a bit short if your leggy like me (got a few to many glances by older men at my old job when I sported it with some pumps..lesson learned). Marshalls is great for last minute go to outfits that you would prefer to wear maybe once or twice. Ill be sure to post the full dress at some point! I also opt for throwing my hair up just about every day rain or shine when it is just being a bit unruly (aka I want to shave it off sometimes...jk...but really). Ive never been afraid of a messy side pony/back pony/ updo/ top knot..you name it and Ive probably tried it. SO my hair is no inspo below but I really hope everyone is just taking time this week to do what makes you tremendously happy and filled with love. Life is ever to short to live any other way!

PS: I am also a sucker for chocolates of any shape or form so here I am enjoying something I LOVE!