Nanny Life: Outside Exploring

Little miss Tatum has been enjoying the outdoors quite a bit as this weather progresses to be phenomenal. I rarely share about my days as a nanny and seem to post more photos, but truth be told each and every day we need about s good 30 minutes outside for fresh air and some vitamin D. It helps both our moods and now that Tatum is 7 months old she is more on the move and wanting ti explore her surroundings. The first thing she was interested in when I layed her on a play-mat outside was trying to "crawl" over my legs and touch the grass. She also seemed very interested in eating her dress rather than sitting a little more lady like but I find it SO adorable.. (I mean those rolls are just scrumptious). Here are a few photos of our day outside last week when it reached the 80's! Hello Spring we are so very ready for you now! A few tricks for outdoor play with a 7 month old also include:

1. have some organic sunscreen or a great sunhat so skin stays free of any sort of burning or sun coloring.

2. Brings some toys that help stimulate their surroundings even more. I brought out the bubbles and a few different animal toys for extra fun.

3. Have a large play-mat designated for outside and one that is large enough for you all to sprawl out on.

5. Bring a bucket that can hold all of this in case your little one decides she/he isn't fillen it for very long. 

6. Have fun!