I concluded, since I do not typically get an Easter basket (as most 26 year olds do not) every year or this year, I would just snag myself some tasty doughnuts in lieu of the festive season. I know I share a good amount of sweet treats throughout this blog, however believe me...healthy food does get consumed each day as well! My motto in life has always been "to each their own." It will most probably stay my motto until another line seems more fitting for this daily occurrence we call life. Most all circumstances require patience, love, confidence, respectfulness, and understanding (even when it may not seem so clear at the moment). When you are capable of utilizing all of those qualities, you're able to see the bigger picture...why people do what they do, act the way they act, feel the way they feel. No it may not be what you would choose or activities you might do....but individuality is what makes the world go round. So I am going to sit down and enjoy this tasty doughnut while others may cringe at the site of carbs being ingested. Just remind yourself......."to each their own."