Taste & Tell: Cold Pasta

Ever since dating Corey (6 years to date) His mom has always made a cold pasta with veggies and cheese and delicious itailian (or balsmic) dressing. It has always been a comfort "go-to" food when we have pool parties (at his parents house) or when tailgating at our favorite football game. I mostly love this fresh side dish because it is so easy to whip up. As long as you have all the ingredients you like and about a half an hour to spare....you've got it made! Tatum took a good long afternoon nap the other day so I decided it would be the perfect time to make a batch for Corey and I and T's family to enjoy as well. Basically you can use whatever ingredients you like but I would suggest using baby tomatoes, a block of mozzarella cheese (easier to cut into cubes) and if you choose to use cucumbers, go with the small pack of 6 Harris Teeter and Trader Joes offer. I added some red bell peppers to mine this time to give more crunch and fresh flavor.