Kiddy pool fun

AS a nanny I opt to find activities that stimulate creativity, learning, growth and of course a fun/happy time. The [ast few days in Charlotte have been extremely warm (aka around 90 degrees if not like 99 feeling) which has been odd because our Spring weather has been all over the place. The other week we were wearing sweaters dealing with 66 degree weather..crazy! Anyways, as these warmer days approach even hotter days Tatum and I are utilizing the outdoors as much as possible..mostly to get energy out but also some fresh air filled with an aroma of wild flowers alongside. Today was one of those blistering hot days and we both were not in the best of moods come 2 o'clock..aka way to early for both  of us tor each a grouchy point. I did, however, realize we had been cooped up dreading the over-heated-weather relaxing indoors so I decided it was time to bust out the "kiddy" pool. This plastic pool is literally no bigger than an inner tube... but honestly... with a 9 month old... the smaller the space, the easier it is to maintain everything attempting to go on (aka someone trying to swim like a mermaid and make her way out of the pool AND try to do do yoga crawl maneuvers. Judge all you might but the cheapest things can quite possible be the most fun  on a day that needs some mood lifting or just a breath of fresh air and a new space to play. I also recommend busting out some of the bath toys and even water bottles filled with all sorts of goodies (like buttons and pom pom balls) for creating eye stimulation. Tatum loved it today and we will for sure be doing this more often!