Taste & Tell: Smoothie

I love a good fruity smoothie, especially come these warmer months when the brisk mornings slowly transition into sweaty afternoons all too quickly. Nannying doesn't give you a designated lunch break or snack time or really any specific you time because your day is shared with a tiny being who needs direction/nurture/care..etc. Therefore, I try and come up with food options for myself that keep me full and energized throughout each day. Guess what..a smoothie does the trick (to no surprise really). I simply combine some protein-filled yogurt with one banana and about 7 strawberries (depending on their size). Blend it up using my new kitchen aid hand blender...and pour it in my cup of choice. For me, nice plates and dishes should be used many times during our days and not just for special occasions...even fun mason jars with straws are a festive choice to make the day a bit better. Tis the little things my friends! Add a pinch of chia seeds or some flax seed to this smoothie as well for a healthy additive.