Baby Toes...Well Tatums!

"Two tiny feet,

That wave in the air...

Two tiny hands,

That tug at your hair..

And an adorable little face,

A bundle of joy to love & embrace."

I know I toes are kind of cliche...especially when your body didn't create the tiny magical scrumptious delights. However, as I was letting Tatum explore big girl chairs today and cruising all over furniture...I realized how many more steps these teeny tiny toes will go in life. Will they choose barefoot...perhaps blingy heels...maybe some flip flops...or even cowgirl boots...the options are endless. One thing or sure is there are many days these feet will live like no other. They will dance to some wild music, squish their toes in warm sand, jump for joy due to amazing news, stomp hard out of anger and frustration...maybe even get pruney after a long soak in the tub. Whatever it may be, these feet, these tiny toes have so many adventures left in life and I can only pray they never miss a beat!