Engaged!!/Cruise Photos

This past week, I traveled with Corey's family on a Cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. We have an incredible experience the entire time and what made it unforgettable was Corey getting down on one knee to propose! I plan on doing a much more in-depth post on the whole day leading into a perfect evening soon to come. Small story short..and probably a bit cliche...but this cruise just jaw dropping via size, amenities, the staff, the staterooms...I could go on and on. If you are considering a cruise in the near future I highly recommend Royal Caribbean Oasis! From snorkeling and seeing gorgeous fish and turtles to hilarious comedy shows to jet skiing in crystal blue water (don't even get me started on the pineapple cocktails) this trip will be one of the memorable vacations. I rarely busted out my camera because I'm currently on the hunt for a more efficient camera and just didn't feel like bringing this bulky guy around with me much. Therefore a I have maybe 10 random photos from the trip...none of which include me but rather some of the sights and of course my handsome fiance..(still need to work on not calling him my boyfriend..in due time it will sink in I'm sure!).