Did someone say Macarrooooonnnnn???

I kind of ...well yes... I most definitely am obsessed with both my engagement ring and a store called gratefully Danielle. They are located right off Rea Road (in the trader joes shopping center) and have the most trendy decor from Peru, Africa, Europe, France, Italy..you name it ..they've been. I love their woven baskets to Turkish rugs to basic tees to books on hosting the perfect gathering..I really could go on if you catch my drift. ANYWHO...as I was perusing the other day and filling my arms with items galore I finally made my way to the register and behold were these nifty little macaroon ceramic cases. I instantly decided I needed it(not sure why) and purchased it alongside the other goodies I snagged. After driving home and pondering what in the world I would use the way-to-cute-for-words macaroon box...it dawned on me that it would make for a great keepsake box (aka storage utility) for my engagement ring when I'm doing yard work or showering or giving babies baths or what not. It has come in handy already numerous times and I couldn't help but take some photos with actually macaroons for ya know a boring arsty afternoon project (ever have those?). If your in the area I urge you to stop by their store as you will not want leave once entering!