I have this thing for Gold..

Suarez Bakery offers probably the most well decorated cookies in the Charlotte area. They are impeccable and delicious all in one (which is usually very rare in a cookie or cake for that matter). I have to limit myself on stopping by too frequently but the other day just could. not. resist. Not to mention it was one of those afternoons where everyone is in a funk and you have little to no inspiration or motivation to do anything but enjoy a pretty darn cute cookie. Anyone else share similar said days..if so your not alone! I am starting to enjoy La Croix drinks (which I used to possibly hate) more and more too which was refreshing on the side. Sometimes you have to take few breaths and snag a few minimal items that are instant mood lifters (aka the gardens and gun magazine as well). If you want to visit Suarez it's located right in the Park Road shopping center!