Picnics with littles

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Tatum and I (as of late) have been trying to get outdoors as much as we can especially now that September has hit. She is now 1 so we are in the glorious phase of exploring/adventuring/lots of pointing and sparks of wonder in her eyes. The other day I packed us a quick lunch (turkey, tortellini's, fruits, crackers, juice..etc.), we snagged a blanket and bubbles, loaded up the car and headed for the park! A storm was rolling in so we didn't have too much time but just enough to sit. enjoy. and be present. We didn't have any music except the soundtrack to nature and it was pure bliss. I have pretty bad anxiety (it's inherited alongside the death of my father) so getting out without noise of a TV/traffic/highways/music/people chatting......well it is maybe one of the best experiences. The little things seem so win me over in life..especially as I am getting older and hopefully somewhat wiser in all God shows me. Take time to get out with your littles even if it seems like an obstacle to face. If your kids are school-age have them help pack a lunch and get ready for an afternoon spent enjoying the great outdoors. Never to young to learn to help and appreciate our surroundings.