Little miss Independent

1. Tatum has a new found love for books with thin pages and magazines that she can grip. I think it is time for us to order the "indestructibles" books (which I truly recommend because they are non-toxic and washable!). She loves looking through magazines and finds such job in being able to flip the pages one by one herself. I in turn enjoy watching her become so proud of all her new eating with a spoon on her own and saying "bye-bye" when its apropriate. This stage is so rewarding yet challenging in many aspects. I am learning to be more patient as the days go on and she is leaning to let me help her here and there. The beauty of children is the process of both parties learning from one another daily during the little moments. I cherish these days and hopefully am getting a good insight into motherhood and how I want to be as a future mama to my littles. Here Tatum is below flipping through one of my thousands of wedding magazines. Yes...I am aware she in only a bloomer but we were solely in the backyard just enjoying the light breeze before her bathtime. Childhood is so innocent, beautiful and captivating all at once. Those tiny fingers...oh they melt my heart!