New Series: "Garden & Gather"

Monday morning and I have a little 1 year old exploring/touching/listening to all her surroundings as she plays independently. As a nanny I long for "motherhood mornings." The kind of mornings many moms (these days) complain about or dread.. OR wish they were on an island alone with a cocktail in hand. Me (on the other hand)...well I LONG for those morning of spilt jelly on the floor, blowout diapers, dishes stacked high in the sink, pitter patter footsteps way past bedtime hours, childhood movies, bubble baths with excessive toys and an abundance of laughter, meal planning for more than just my fiance and I, dirty clothes with grass stains....etc. These occurrences, complained by about every mother I follow.... are occurrences that put smiles on my face. They are real as God intended it to be. I want to be an incredible mother to my littles one day...will I have ups and downs? of course! Will I have everything down to an art each day....NEGATIVE. I will however bite my tongue when I feel a complain creeping out of my mouth and instead realize how blessed I am to be in such a special stage (motherhood). I wish more people would do a little less complaining and a little more appreciating...imagine how beautiful life might be each day? 

OKAY ..tangent over.. so in order to create days of appreciation and less complaining, I am getting outdoors as much as possible, trying new spots to venture, and enjoying all the little tiny blessings surrounding me. A new series will be joining my blog called "Gardens & Gathering." I hope to share snipets of what my fiance and I are growing in our backyard (herbs/veggies/etc)..alongside places we enjoy eating and gathering together with our friends. This is a series I have been meaning to curate for quite some time now, however wanted to wait until I had time to spare and share! I hope this brings a good amount of info and ideas for Charlotte natives and visitors from nearby cities!

--Here is a pic of one of our red peppers we plucked the other night-- They have been growing up a storm!