Late Summer week night travels

Here in my later twenties I am realizing the importance of truly cultivating meaningful relationships with those who invest time in your life. Corey and I so enjoy going to friends homes and doing a BBQ or simply grilling some steaks and potatoes with all the yummy veggies on board. We are all about gathering and making time for each other..and for us that typically entails a dinner night with anyone and everyone! I usually only bring a couple things I enjoy while Corey tends to get all the food together. Seems ironic but HE actually PREFERS to be the "chef" of our household and gets a little snippy when I come and want to interfere....hence I let him do food and I sit back and enjoy. I'm sure this will soon change in due time...but for now I'll savor every moment! SO here are the few (I mean really few) items I typically bring when I know we will be out in the backyard or on the porch. 

1. A cozy throw or lightweight blanket. I never want to dirty up other peoples stuff and I usually always have a throw in the car or a handful in a basket by the door to grab on the go. We enjoy spreading it out on the grass or if we all choose to go to a local park for some volleyball it makes a much better seat than the sandy grass going on. Now that Fall is aproaching, we will be doing more bonfires and a throw comes in handy especially when you want to bundle up with your love (I know I always do!). 

2. A tote bag..canvas tote...really any sort of foldable bag. We use these all the time for carting around all our goodies (wine, salsa, crackers, cups, napkins..etc.). I really love this cute "Hello" bag I snagged at Marshalls for a whopping 8 bucks! Doesn't have to break the bank to be efficient and trendy all in one.

3. Wine of your choice or beer or really any refreshment. The gals always go for wine so I like to bring my favorite Riesling and cheers it up. After a long and tedious day the one thing we all truly look forward to is catching up with a bottle of great wine.

4. Lastly..SUNNIES! I always have these in my tote in case its still 100 degrees in September like we are dealing with now and the sun cant stop blinding you. Not needed always but never hurts to throw a pair in the bag! 

5. Not pictured..but we also throw in a skin friendly bug spray due to the large amount of mosquitos here in the queen city. Those pesky obnoxious things can really spoil a nice evening with friends so I've learned to keep it in tow and apply before even leaving the house.

Cheers to nights with friends and good company!