3 things

1. It is nearly impossible to get a group of dogs (especially different breeds) to all cooperate and sit still for a group shot..but ALAS we managed to snap a couple! A bunch of couple friends and Corey and I went to our friend's lake house this past weekend and dogs are somewhat our "children' for now so they tagged along! We all had a really enjoyable time relaxing, cooking together and boating of course. Can't wait to go back!

2. A new tradition I am doing with the gals are group shots of our glasses when we head out of town. Its one way to document the trip without feeling the need to take a thousand selfies and post on instagram galore. I always love having a picture to add to our albums back home so this is one way to do it! I encourage everyone to take a couple pics per trip because I can't tell you how many times I have regretted leaving the camera at home. So many memories need a special place and instead of clogging your head clog up some home albums with your treasured memories..both large and small!

3. If you ever want a really, really good laugh...strip down your babe...put them in the high chair..and hand them a plate of spaghetti. I about died laughing after Tatum stuffed her face with a whole handful of pasta noodles! She is so fun at this stage and I am learning new tid - bits about her each and every day. If you try this at home, I recommend having a washcloth nearby along with plans to take a good bubble bath right after (the baby, not you, sorry). She was a hot mess after!