Life as I know it..

I am finding my days to be a big salad bowl of laughter/tears/love/anxiety/peace/....well this list can very well go on for about 4 more lines because that. is. life. Life is always throwing me curve balls whether good or bad and never fails to keep me on my toes. I am currently battling some sort of cold or allergy nonsense which I would thoroughly appreciate it to dissipate (so far no luck..go figure). ANYWHO, in this new Fall season I really want to create days filled with more than just a handful of emotions. I want to actually think less (if that makes sense?) devoting myself to the moment I'm living in while cherishing that said  beautiful moment I'm given. Someone once told me its not the day that dictates our lives but rather how we handle whats thrown our ways. That idea designates with mood completely dictates my day so I need to control it in a manner that is admired by others, myself and my God. Taking time to actually go to the garden and feel the new red peppers bursting with life instead of glancing from the porch. Taking time to make a scrambled egg sandwich rather than running to a fast food spot to hand me one. Taking time to stop when Tatum points to a leaf....holding it with her and acknowledging it's vibrant colors. Taking time to pause in between dinner time to give my fiance a kiss instead of just grubbing out. Taking time is so vauable...for me essential...and requires us to all slow down...feel one emotion at a time and let that emotion settle within. Im learning even bad emotions need time to battle through or else they in turn bottle up and curate a larger mess mentally. Here are a few ways Ive been enjoying my days which lead to a more content and steadfast metality. 

1. Writing thank yous, thinking of you and even congratulation cards (since there have been quite a few celebrations in the mix of this season). Our society is so driven by technology (even as I type this blog post) and we tend to forget the sincerity and rawness an actually handwritten letter exudes. 

2. T and I have been making weekly trips to the farmers market. Some days it's trader Joes (which I wouldn't really call a market) other days its the produce stand off Providence Road...or the produce stands in Blakeny area of Charlotte. Encouraging littles to see fresh produce...homemade bread and flower bundles being assembled enriches their perspectives on living healthier lives. I don't know about you but after watching "Fast Food Nation" (college days) I stopped eating burgers for about 2 months straight. It is an eye opener when you see how your food is made and where it comes from. Currently I am loving to snack on radishes and pickled okra!