It's October!

Where has time gone? I find myself asking this question quite a bit these where did the last year vanish being engaged, why does the morning serentiy leave in the blink of an eye, where did the summer flee to and why does autumn pass by ever so quickly??? Don't get me started on my actual wedding day, because they don't joke when your told 900 times the day goes fast so enjoy every detail. Time is always tricky in that we seem to want/long for future festivities/occurrences... yet once they arrive we simply want to go back...relive...and pace ourselves more-so. The past couple months (especially) for me have really flown how is it already October? How did my wedding month seem like an hour long total? This upcoming holiday season and as Fall takes shape, I am making a few changes as a married gal mostly because I am constantly wishing to savor life just a bit more here in the present. Here are a few ways changes are gonna be made--

1. Take time to read a book. Sounds simple but for some of us, we don't really yearn to dig into a book. I have always been super active and staying busy keeps my anxiety at a stable low...therefore sitting down and reading a book has always sounded almost, no not almost but rather extremely awful. A good friend of mine told me (recently) how taking time each day and really finding a book I can relate to or something fictional would be such a stress reliever. Who knew? Okay maybe you did and your wondering why I never thought so but as I said above it seemed far opposite of stress relief. SO going to pick out 2 novels....and aim to finish them by the end of the holiday season. Wish me luck! I'll also probably share with you bits & pieces from each.

2. Cooking regularly at night. Another simple task you would think but when your hubby has always been the "chef" of the house it's sort of a big change for us as newleyweds. I used to cook religiously and one day we just sort of flipped roles. Corey has really loved creating new concoctions and to my surprise they are always scrumptious..literally delicious. However, once kiddos come about (if that is God's will) I would like to have dinner prepared and ready to go before 8pm. Now I've got the cooking hat back on and trying new recipes while incorporating whats in season and really getting into it dare I say? I have found a whoe new love for the cooking network and find it calming watching cooking looks like this married gal is about to fulfill her duties of "wifey in the kitchen."

3. Developing a solid work out regime. I hate the gym. I hate the gym. I hate the gym. Did I mention my loathe of gyms?! Believe me, I've given them numerous chances...tried out several gyms...different classes?..idk! it just is not for me! I would rather go for a run outside or get my yoga mat out and relieve some tension via soothing meditation. However, lately I haven't put in the time or effort to keep my body fit nor in shape which is not okay! To switch this up, each week I'm devoting 40 minutes to working out in some sort of fashion. I'm pretty active with the little I nanny for so 40 minutes should be sufficient for now steps steps. 

4. Stop being a hoarder. No I'm not like intensely hoarding stuff ....okay except clothes. I maybe have outfits all the way back from high school and college hanging in the back of the closet. On my behalf... I keep my clothes fairly brand new looking always so I guess I've felt bad about just giving them away? I mean what if some occasion arises and I regret a jumper I gave to goodwill a month prior? HA ..but really!? Anyways, enough is enough and I would rather see only clothes I'm wearing more than lets say once....let the sorting begin! 

5. Lastly this blog alongside photography are about to really make a statement. I cant wait to share the revamp of this blog and finally kick off amanda leigh photography this winter! Many projects are in the works and looking forward to all God has in store.

AND speaking of are a few throwbacks of me and my sweet nieces! I so love the raw and boldness black and white photography bring!