3 Things!

Man has life been continually busy busy BUSY!! Corey and I are getting ready for the holidays and this year sure will be different now as a married couple. I am realizing to embrace the changes occuring ahead (like not spending Christmas morning with my family this year) and seeing few family members in general over the holidays will just be a CHANGE. God keeps my mind steadfast in remembering how blessed I am to have such a large family and the fact Corey still has his beautful/kind hearted grandparents...SO to God be the glory for all I do have and the amazing new family I will embrace the holidays with this year. The next few weeks I will be adding a few blog posts with recipes I've been talking about throughout my insta stories so be on the lookout for some new Taste & Tell posts, holiday gift guides and holiday photos!

1. Brody has been extra sweet lately but also pushing buttons a little being the smallest pup in our crew of doggy pals. Most all our firends have labs and bigger dogs, so Brody is the little man trying to keep up with the big guys/girls and always trying to prove he is just as capable as them in all their endeavors. I do like to give him a little one on one attention here and there...well because he sometimes gets overlooked. He really is my special little guy full of energy. Corey and I will post a gift guide for all you pet lovers too! Having both a small yorkie and a medium black lab, I think we can come up with gifts for pets of all sizes and nature.


2. Lunch outside in this Fall glory is my new favorite thing. As soon as little miss goes down for her afternoon nap I grab a magazine and usually venture outside for some fresh air to indulge my grub. I also have been a sort of a flat shoe kick (probably because I find them effortless to throw on and wear with some cut off jeans or skinnies in this chilly weather. The ones below are from the Jcrew outlet in the Park Road shopping center if your a charlotte gal!. 


3. Sweater season is upon us which means I am busting out many of my April Marin coziness to throw on for casual looks each day. Here are a couple favorites--these ponchos literally go over anything and are a lifesaver for cold adventures out n about! I will link them up soon but feel free to check out their website and Insta with updates of trunk shows and markets they will be located. Also I really recommend the camel one because of it's versatility (I've already wore in numerous occasions to thrown on over a cute holiday/Fall look).