Save the Dates!

It goes without saying, I generally enjoy the little things..those tiny individual details which makes each event/day/party/gathering a bit more special. I am happy to declare we are finally finishing up our vendors for my big day coming up in September! Who knew how stressful, time consuming, yet thrillling this journey of engagement would be..they should really tell all those eager couples waiting patiently for the right moment to pop the question that the next 10 months (or however long you choose to wait) might just be one of the biggest roller coaster rides yet. If I am being compeltely honest, Ive cride a handful of times (happy tears, angry tears, sad tears, over-the-moon-happy-tears), jumped for joy, hit a pillow....I mean the list goes on. What they fail to mention (pre-engagaent) is this will be the very beginning of a new chapter ready to be written. This is the beginning of two souls coming together, creating life together, seeking pleasure together, pulling each other out of deep dark holes and trials of life...this is the beginning of something new. 

One of the many highlights in our engagement journey was having engagement photos taken by the lovely Ariel Perry (please please check her work she might be one of the most phenomenal photographers I have worked with and known). We picked three vibrant photos to use which captured our love in a nutshell. My friend Jami (who has the best handwriting) made us a beautiful wedding date sign on a slab of of rustic wood ....which added more meaning to our photos.

Now I honestly could not decide on a save the date initially. I really didn't want to choose something seen before and also wanted to add my own design touch in the equation. Therefore, I went with a simple "post-card" or "picture-card" with gardenia, photos and scripture that has forever been dear to my heart. Alongside the post card I chose a bookmark with gold leaf writing which stated all our save the date information. Now the big question was how in the world were we going to attach these to make them work? I decided to punch a hole in the post card and tie a thin, timeless gold ribbon bringing the two together. All in all, I am very glad I followed my instinct and curated these even though they took extra work (possibly more money..although I did use a coupon code!). 

These are also done by Dawn's Invitations (who I also highly recommend). The paper quality and efficiency was on point and I would use them again in a heartbeat! Now onto the wedding invitations......I think I'll take some wine first!

Here are a few pics of them below...and I can't wait to get them in the mail this week!