Let me preface this blog post by saying I promise to do some fashion posts coming up with some fun brands I am working with. I am thrilled to be sharing curated pieces which transition and are versatile throughout each season. In the meantime, I bring you more flowers and decor and products I love. Perhapds Ill start a "Buy & Share" series to give you the scoop on thrifting and finding the best bang for your buck while looking flawless! 

This is one of my new favorite drinks to have on hand throughout the day. From the health benefits to the delicious fruity taste...it's a hard option to pass up! Tatum have been enjoying these little smoothies (yogurt/probiotic) in the afternoon as a snack or even a side for lunches and different meals. Trader Joes offers both so go snag em!

Outfit Details:

Tatum's dress is by Tea Collection // My top is Free People