Let me go ahead and say... I am very sorry about my lack of blog postings lately, but really this whole getting ready to walk down the aisle in 2 months ...has me a tad on edge (and dare I say busy?!). SO this is a bit of a random post (mostly pictures and captions) of snippets of life since mid April! Hoping to get back on track with more detailed posts very soon!

Tatum enjoying a chocolote chip cookie while people watching....

The most heavenly broccoli pasta salad and it is made fresh daily at the super walmart's! (Yes I do go there specifically for this because its simply the best!

Did someone say doughnuts!? Whenever we are having a bit of an off day these seriously work magic. I eat one after dinner and then heat one up for a quick treat of a breakfast! (Sugar is good for the soul ;))

I love these three photos from our engagement session last summer with Ariel Perry. She is a phenomenal photographer and travels all over if you are in need of bridal, maternity, wedding, senior, newborn photos! She has given me tips and I love how inspiring she is with the camera. These were taken near Moorehead and third ward area on the top of a parking deck!

This will forever be a moment I will never forget. Even looking at this photo I get emotional rembering this day, how absolutely perfect (yes perfect) it was and hod God's timing was absolutely everything & will always be. 2 seconds after he proposed!

Cheeky kisses and bagels on a random morning with Tatum. Is almost 2 not the most fun age ever!? (Okay I probably say that about every age...) She really has a firey personality filled with equal parts sugar and spice...such a sweet bean I get to nanny.

1. Versona has theeee best sunnies for dirt cheap (like 12 bucks kinda cheap) so walk dont run and snag like 5 pairs! I love cheap cute sunnies for the summertime because with the amount of lake days/beach days...a pair gets lost in no time. 2. Southern Living gives great house tips....your space can be budget friendly yet still look magazine worthy! 3. Froo-froo tops will never go out of style for me....give me all the vintage white lace there is..

There is something to be said about time spent sipping white wine and catching up with gal pals. Its a time I cherish and soak up knowing it will always leave me refreshed with a better mindset and new perspective on anything going on in life. Cheers to that!

Roe and Brody have become quite the duo loving life together and I am glad I got some pictures of Rosie "small" since she is now much bigger! Corey and I always wanted a small dog and a larger dog especailly before we welcome children into this world!

Summer days are meant for meals outside, fresh air, pretty handpicked flowers, and a seasonal playlist or podcast to unwind too! Taking advantage each day getting outside and embracing all the little things!