Garden & Gather: Renfrow Farms

COme next year, Corey and I plan to box up all our belongings and purchase our very first home as husband and wife. Sounds pretty basic.... but for me it feels as though my rental days are going to be FINALLY over and Ill have a place to call home (for more than a year). I lucked out in finding a man who yearns for similar hpuse structure/location/land...that being said we both are hoping to find an older colonial with charm a front porch to sip wine in the evenings and coffee in the mornings. A home where we will finally be rooted starting a family and so forth. I get giddy thinking about these milestones in life. Giddy knowing my man will soon be holding a babe of ours in a home we own in the city where we fell in love back when we were just college babies. Like I've said and might continue to say for years on end "God's timing is everything." 

Not sure how I got off topic talking about a new home...but I did have a point (your probably thankful this dreamy picture is coming back down to reality). When Corey and I DO discuss our first home (not happening till next year still)...we keep getting drawn to the town of Matthews, NC. It has charm, ample land, historic shops/restaurants, the cutest coffee shops..the list goes on. Also it's a short 20 min to jump on highway and head into the big city if we want to spice it up one night! 

Renfrow Farms is one of these quaint markets providing a variety of organically grown produce and fresh flowers. From vegetables to fruits to nuts and honey...they are a one stop shop! I took Tatum yesterday to pick out our own flower bundles and let her touch/feel the unique textures each flower holds. Flowers range in price, however, we curated a medium size bouquet (which I ended up dividing into many little vases) and it totaled maybe right around 6 bucks. They are located at 409 W Charles Street and sadly only opened Tuesdays 10am-2pm from June to Decemeber! Go check them out if your a Matthews local or just visiting the area, you wont be dissapointed!