Taste & Tell: Kale/Mozzarella Chicken Burgers!

SO I was a bit skeptical before trying these out...i mean the list of health benefits was like 10 things at least so in my head I'm thinking "these will probably be disgusting but HEY its a change up from other unhealthy options I've slightly been devouring (go away donuts!). Anywho, I decided to give them a try and I have never been more pleasantly surprised by health food. The taste is so savory and honestly they don't taste one bit healthy or cardboard-like making them Amanda approved! There are so many ways to cook these, prepare them, combine them with other sides...SO here is how I do mine...I add a little olive oil (barely any) to a skillet and throw the burgers on (switching sides every few minutes). While those are heating up I prefer to add a pasta (any will do & kudos if you have some veggies as a pasta addition! I sometimes grate a little cheese or seasoning on top of it all and there ya have it! Easy lunch or dinner recipe and they take little to no time...which is a bonus if you're like me and are trying to multitask alwayssss. Truly give these a try, you all will not be dissapointed AND on top of it all they are kid approved! Tatum is into dipping anything in some sauce so I always add a teaspoon of avocado ranch for her to dip away!