Mornings truly are my favorite time of day, as they give me energy, creativity and a sense of feeling fresh and new. Nights used to be the leader in favorite time of day especially when the sun would begin to set and the stars emerged and everyone was going out around the town just feeling young and free (ahh memories of my college years ha!). Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy nightime and the feeling of the world calming down from a chaotic busy day...but something about waking up super early, getting cozy with my devotional and a cup of warm tea renews my soul like no other. Since becoming husband and wife, Corey and I have developed a bit of a routine and due to him working weekends I get him for a few extra hours in the mornings which I so love. A typical schedule for our family would be .....

6:30 am-- I wake up and turn on a couple lights (just the bare minimum), let the pups out, get them breakfast, enjoy some yogurt with granola and sip on tea while reading.

8 am-- Throw in laundry, hubs usually starts waking up, watch the news, continue on the tea and enjoy time with my husband (he like to make french press coffee everyyyy morning and I sometimes indulge in a cup myself).

9:30--  We make a big breakfast (eggs/pancakes/or whatever we are in the mood for), listen to music, spend time together and talk about our day ahead. 

10:30/11 am-- we both start getting ready for the day and head out the door to work/run errands/ meet people/ grocery shop/ etc..

This probably will not be our schedule for long and some days it does vary and we have to head out the door much sooner or we have plans made early morning. Those days it's usually "grab-food-on-the-go" and watch the news for 15 min and adios! I do however like to make mornings drag out as much as I possibly can to savor all the feels they offer me.

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”  --Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

When it comes to breakfast...Corey prefers to be the head chef and create the most delicious sandwiches/waffles/pancakes/etc. ... BUT there are some mornings I take over and cook away! One of those mornings was today and I treated the hubs to pancakes and fruit and OJ. I cannot wait till we move in March and I'll FINALLY be able to share more of my kitchen tools/baking dishes/cookware/the list goes on (since half of it is in storage ). Until then I did share where I purchased some of the items in the picture below as they make our morning breakfast time very special and truly functional.


Utensils- Target

Gold Chargers- Hobby Lobby

Woven straw circular place mats- Homegoods

Wood server-

Glass with plastic straw- Target

Cloth napkins- Target