Maternity Photos

I have been a little MIA on the blog lately so I do apologize!! We have been nesting like crazy as I am 33 weeks already! I planned to do a pregnancy update post and hopefully will get to that tomorrow but for now I am feeling good just a bit uncomfortable. I am not a gal who just has adored being pregnant (as some do) so I am very ready for Edie's due date and her daddy and I can't wait to have her in our arms and out of my womb haha! I am sleeping wonderfully still and cravings have been about the same. Gimme all the mexican food and chocolate!! The sweet tooth I have tried to limit and only eat in moderation which has helped slow the weight gain. I actually stopped ginger ale too with all the sugar it has and ended up loosing a good 7 to 10 lbs of unneeded weight gain in face and legs. My feet have been a bit swollen but summer heat will do that so I guess it is what it is! I am truly so thankful to still be growing a healthy baby and this pregnancy has had no complications thus far for which we are grateful. I will do a more in depth post tomorrow about third trimester and how it all has played out. 

Did want to share some photos we had taken at the beginning of third trimester and we do have one more session so Ill be sure to share those as well. My friend Savannah with Savannah Stahl Photography took these and she did amazing. I love the moody feel these give and how special it was for my husband and I to really embrace each other as this has been a remarkable journey to say the least. Savannah has an Instagram and Facebook if you would like to use her--I can't speak highly enough of how amazing she is at what she does.