Taste & Tell: Easy Sliders!

I'm sure you all are wondering if this blog is really a lifestlye blog or turning into a foodie blog with all my recent "Taste & Tell" posts, HOWEVER, I assure you it is not. Learning how foods make my inner being/mood/happiness/feelings in general has really taught me the importance of the matter. Observing over reading has always been the best learning strategy for me. SO that being said, toss me a thousand cook books..& while I do enjoy the inspiration and savory concoctions filling each page, I will rarely be able to create what they present. For me it is hands on, trying new recipes while adding different ingredients to older recipes..watching someone cook beside me as I take it all in...these tactics instill a better chef in myself. As Julia Child puts it in her book "My Life in France" 

“...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

On to these sliders...they have a difficulty level for a 3 year old (minus the veggies sauteed). So I usually grab a pack of the king Hawaiian rolls, turkey/ham/chicken (whichever meat you prefer or better yet combo that sucker!), your cheese of choice and veggies including zucchini, tomatoes, squash...really anything will do! I prepare the sandwiches while sauteing the veggies in a little olive oil and some seasoning. Once prepared let veggies cool down just a minute or two and toss them on top of the ham and cheese. Genius right!? Okay maybe not, but at least it gives sliders a little more nutrition and flavor. The beauty of sliders too is that they are easy to make a larger batch and snag them throughout the day or week. For all the mamas out there these are great after school snacks to keep the hangry level down until din din (we all know the witching hour!). 

--Lastly opt to add a toothpick or something to keep the sandwich nicely together and not falling all over the place ha! Enjoy!

Taste & Tell: End of Summer Salad

Okay okay okay....I know exactly the responses I am about to get "Amanda you hate salads"..."Amanda you always say salads don't fill you up".... "Amanda you never eat kale or sunflower seeds?".....OKAY YES you all are very right. When it comes to food, I grew up eating big southern home cooked meals consisting of a starch, meat and veggie followed by a tasty dessert one would never pass up. SO that being said...salads are not my go-to meal on most occasions. I also have been trying to obtain my target weight ...yes there is such a thing as needing to GAIN rather than the opposite in life. Many times I do not share about it because when someone says "hey I am actually trying to gain weight so I'll pass on that paleo diet," usually it comes across as "hey I look amazing and you don't so have fun dieting while I think I'm a model." Isn't that kind of sad and ironic in a way? Like since when did our society think only overweight/obesity was an issue gals faced?

Long story short, I lost my father going into highschool. I was shooken up no doubt..but I was also very naive and still young minded inhibiting me to really process grief in any way shape or form. I held strong for my sister (who was just starting college) and my mother who had us to provide for while maintaining her own sanity. I don't know how she did it honestly AND I don't mean to get sappy, but I am teary as I share these personal moments in life. I'll never forget holding her as she cried in my arms... telling her we would all be okay..we would be the three muskateers and God had us in the palm of His almighty hands. SO I remained "tough" and once entering college really just ate anything and everything because it felt good. I have a fast metablosim as is.. so I truly never struggled with weight gain growing up. That being said (come college) I devoured wendy's possibly once a day alongside cook-out milkshakes (basically every college food to maybe stear clear from). I never got "huge" persay, yet was much more plump in my face my tummy my legs (I mean the ta-tas back then were ginormous lol!). College soon ended and I started working while learning to graze throughout the day with little meals packed full of protein. I went from about 156 to 123 in a little over a year. Started cooking more and realizing what I eat can either boost or extinguish my energy. 

I would say now I eat a lot of pasta with veggies, homemade pizzas, deli sandwiches and yes salads here and there (mostly there...ha). My energy level is pretty good throughout my days and who knew I would become such a foodie!? Below is an easy salad with broccoli slaw, chicken, kale, sunflower seeds and cranberries. ALWAYS add a little fruit in the mix especially if your not the big time salad aka..ME. I usually add mandarin oranges or will sometimes do a strawberry gorgonzola with any dressing to pair with. Broccoli slaw seems to go well with many other foods too and both Corey and I love the crunch it adds. 

All in all remember everything in moderation...do I still hit up chik-fil-a...... #yes #forsure